Through the misty veils of delusion

“Go the path less traveled”

Contrary to popular belief, the spiritual path isn’t all love, light, and rainbows all the time. Yes, the spiritual path can be radiant, beautiful, and illuminating. But it can also be riddled with traps, baits, and monsters lurking everywhere, masquerading as nurturing food or transcendent beings of light. Deeply drawn to exploring and exposing both the light and shadow side of human nature and spirituality.

To begin this process, make a habit of noticing whenever you experience strong emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, resentment, and fear. Ask, “what triggered these feelings?” You might even like to keep a shadow journal to record your discoveries so that you can track your journey of self-awareness. It might seem unnecessary or even detrimental to explore your weaknesses, but as Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “our strength grows out of our weaknesses.” Once you are able to face and own these darker parts of yourself, the more freedom and power you will paradoxically experience. Mindfulness helps to ground you in reality which increases self-awareness. Meditation, on the other hand, is a way in which you can become intimately acquainted with your mind and its processes. Both practices can be incorporated relatively effortlessly into your day. If you have five or ten minutes to spare, take time to drop into your body and senses.

The heart is the doorway to the soul. When we are in tune with our hearts, we are connected with the wise, visceral, and instinctual energy of intuition. Our hearts are what connect us with others, help us walk the most authentic paths, show love, forgiveness, and compassion, and reveal what is invisible to the eye. In essence, our hearts expand us. But our hearts can also become contracted through life circumstances. Pain, trauma, heartbreak, and toxic core beliefs all cause the heart to become closed or shut off from life. This category features all the articles we’ve written about understanding, getting in touch with, and healing the heart.

1.Walk your own path

2.Be true to yourself

3.Be a rebel

4.Breathe passion and sincerity

5.Fiercely seek truth

6.Know yourself

7.Love yourself

8.Embody the sacred, embrace the wild

9.Create Balance

We must be fierce, courageous, and connected to both our logic and intuition –

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